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Orient Express Design

  • Orient Express Design
Date : 8 Aralık 2019
E-mail : Linki Göre
Web-Site : Linki Göre
Location : 860 Montroyal Boulevard North Vancouver V7R 2G6 British Columbia Canada

From Istanbul;

The city that is described as “Jewel” by the famous French author Alphonse De Lamartine. 

The heart of mysticism and magnificence. 

The meeting point of Europe and Asia. 

The capital city of the world for centuries. 

The home town for the fourth largest diamond in the world. (86 carats pear-shaped Spoonmaker’s diamond displayed in Topkapi Palace) 

The art of jewelry making since pre-historic times. 

The sultans, themselves, were jewelry artists and there were hundreds of jewelry artisans in their service. 

To Canada… 

And this journey is inspired by the world’s most famous and luxurious train of all times: The Orient Express. 

Dear Jewelry lovers; Please welcome Orient Express Design and it’s gorgeous brands; 

House of Div, Jeevels&Co, Melis Goral, Mi+La, Ps One Jewelry. 

Each one of these jewels has a unique story behind it. 

And trust us, you are going to create your own story while wearing them.

İlan vermek için üye olun.


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